Airtrade Cookie Policy Statement

Airtrade uses cookies to optimise your user experience of the Airtrade website (“Website”). Below you will find a description of how the Website uses cookies.

Cookies are small text files that are temporarily stored by your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome,Safari, etc.) when you visit a website. Cookies ensure that the necessary information is remembered during thebooking process and for in the digital shopping cart. Cookies do not contain personal information, such as name and address details and email addresses of users. Cookies are also used for analyses to improve the performance, operation and functionality of the Website. Cookies are not executable (they do not run programs) and can therefore not install any malicious files on your computer. If cookies are blocked, it might cause certain functions and services to stop working.

The Website makes use of functional cookies. Functional cookies are necessary for a website to work. Placing functional cookies requires no permission from the user or visitor. The Website also makes use of analytical cookies. These cookies provide insight into the use of the website. The obtained data allows the user experience to be improved. To this end, we use the Google Analytics service. In that context, analytical cookies are placed through the website of the provider of this service: Google Inc. Based on the data collected with these cookies, Google prepares anonymous reports for Airtrade regarding the use of our website. We have adjusted the Google Analytics cookies to be 'privacy-friendly', in line with the guidelines set by the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This means that 1) The last octet of the IP address is masked; 2) 'Data sharing' is turned off; and 3) No use is made of other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies. This means that we process less data from you. Airtrade has signed a processor agreement with Google.

The use of analytical cookies does not require permission from the user or visitor. However, it is required that they be informed about this, which is done by means of this Cookie Policy Statement. The Webiste does not use tracking or marketing cookies that track and record the browsing behaviour and personal data of visitors for targeted and personalised offers and/or marketing campaigns.

May 2018